Beard & Boulder

Date of birth

February 12th 1988

Place of birth and place of residence



Business owner

For how long have you been training?

15 years

How often do you train?

5-6 days a week

Can you tell us something about your training routine?

A combination of strictly natural stone lifting and Muay Thai

When did you first get into stonelifting?

Winter of 2019

How did you get into stonelifting?

Fullsterkur rogue documentary

What achievement in stonelifting are you most proud of?

Shouldering 357 / pressing 260 overhead

The heaviest stone you lifted


The heaviest stone you shoulderd


What are your goals in stone lifting?

Carry the Husafell for a full round

Lift fullsterkur in dritvik

Shoulder 400lbs

What achievement in sport are you most proud of?

357 shoulder, 260 stone press, 300kg deadlift

What achievement in life are you most proud of?

Earning a M.Sc, becoming a successful entrepreneur, prioritizing my health

Do you do other sports beside stonelifting?

Muay Thai

Did you ever have any serious injuries? And if yes, how did/do you deal with them?

Dislocated my knee twice. Keep moving and do whatever exercise you can even when injured. Never stop.

Do you follow any specific diet?

Prioritizing protein, trying to hit 200g+ every day

What's your bodyweight?


What is your PR in deadlift?


What is your PR in squat/frontsquat?


What is your PR in the bench press?


What is your PR in the OHP?


What are your hobbies beside stonelifting?

Reading, playing guitar, learning about emerging tech

Your favourite book

Anything Tolkien, Bernard Cornwell - the last kingdom series

Your favourite movie

Lord of the Rings

Your favourite dish

Steak and onions

Your favourite quote

Wyrd bid ful aered (fate is inexorable)

Who is your favorite strength athlet?

Tom Haviland

Do you have any advice to fellow stone lifters or to new stone lifters?

Train your wrists and forearms religiously, move with weight