Michał Szczepanski


Michal Szczepanski



Date of birth

July 5th 1987

Place of birth and place of residence

Born in Poland, Piotrkow Trybunalski. Live in Scotland, Edinburgh.

Other social media or website



Matrital status and children

Son Cezary Szczepanski. Partner Monika Staniaszek.

For how long have you been training?

4 years

How often do you train?

3-4 times week

Can you tell us something about your training routine?

Mix of stone lifting sandbag and free weights training.

When did you first get into stonelifting?

About 4 year ago. (2019)

How did you get into stonelifting?

After moving to Scotland about ten years ago saw some videos and articles about historic lifting stones in Scotland. Some time later I singed to a gym where outside were two stones.  No one form my bigger friends could lift them. I lifted them both. They were 42kg and 71kg.

What achievement in stonelifting are you most proud of?

Every historic stone that I had the pleaure to lift.
I took a part in McGregor stonelifting games finished 12 from 17 competitors.

The heaviest stone you lifted

Fianna Stone 127kg

The heaviest stone you shoulderd

About 85kg to date.

What are your goals in stone lifting?

All lifting stones of Scotland, Ireland and Iceland, Donald Dinnie stones, Nicol Stones, Ardblair Stones.

What achievement in sport are you most proud of?

Everything before me 🙂

What achievement in life are you most proud of?

Being sober since 2017 June. I'm sober alcoholic. Was abusing my mind and body for 15 years.

Do you do other sports beside stonelifting?

Like to run, take part in 5km races.

Did you ever have any serious injuries? And if yes, how did/do you deal with them?

Problem with disc in spine, I deal with them with stone lifting. Sounds crazy but it works.

Do you follow any specific diet?

Cook most things from scratch. Minimise processed food.

What's your bodyweight?

70kg to date.

What is your PR in deadlift?

200kg +

What is your PR in squat/frontsquat?


What is your PR in the bench press?


What is your PR in the OHP?


What are your hobbies beside stonelifting?

History, Mythology, self development.

Your favourite book

To many to name one.

Your favourite movie

Highlander with Sean Connery.

Your favourite quote

I know only two stronger persons than me - Me tomorrow and Me day after tomorrow.

Who is your favorite strength athlet?

Jon Pall Sigmarsson

Do you have any advice to fellow stone lifters or to new stone lifters?

Learn etiquette and history of stone lifting.

If there is anything else you want to add?

Thank you very much.