John Johnson


John Johnson



Date of birth

September 1st 1966

Place of birth and place of residence

Niagara Falls

Other social media or website


Former Personal trainer current Truck Driver

Matrital status and children

Married with 7 children 4 biological 3 step

For how long have you been training?

30 years

How often do you train?

Every day in 1 form or another. 2-3 times a week heavy

Can you tell us something about your training routine?

Currently upper Day 1 upperbody push/pull

Day 2 active recovery, cardio, mobility

Day 3 Legs

Day 4 repeat of day 2

Day 5 rocklifting or deadlifting

Day 6 repeat of day 2-4

Day 7 begin cycle again or full rest day

When did you first get into stonelifting?

21 years ago.

How did you get into stonelifting?

Inadvertently fell into it. I was looking for a way to add strength training to my outdoor fitness routine while hiking. I saw a rock at the base of a hill and decided to pick it up and carry it up the hill. I was hooked, didn't know it was a thing until later when I connected with Bud Jeffries on his website, before Facebook. Bud had some pics of him lifting a stone and an article discussing the benefits of stone lifting. That's when I realized I wasn't the only freak out there doing this. Once I realized this the stones got bigger as I dove into it deeper. From there I learned the wider cultural aspect of when I connected with Eric Fiorillo through facebook and the Motivation and Muscle podcast. Been doing it ever since and have connected with an amazing brotherhood of stone lifters.

What achievement in stonelifting are you most proud of?

I have several, as it stands now. The lifting and shouldering if my Wagner Stone #1 and lifting g to my chest my Wagner Stone #2.
I'm proud to have begun a network of stone lifting challenges around Western New York

The heaviest stone you lifted


The heaviest stone you shoulderd


What are your goals in stone lifting?

To discover a documented or verified American historic lifting stone an lift it

What achievement in sport are you most proud of?

Winning the Master division in my weight class in a local Push Pull competition

What achievement in life are you most proud of?

Raising very successful children in each of their chosen field. Just 2 more to go

Do you do other sports beside stonelifting?

Not at this time

Did you ever have any serious injuries? And if yes, how did/do you deal with them?

Nope, pretty much injury free

Do you follow any specific diet?

I'm an opportunistic omnivore, so pretty much everything is on the table. However I try to keep it as clean as possible. Grass fed meats home grown veggies etc...

What's your bodyweight?


What is your PR in deadlift?


What is your PR in squat/frontsquat?


What is your PR in the bench press?


What are your hobbies beside stonelifting?

Rock stacking, hiking, fishing, camping, tomahawk throwing.....outdoorsy stuff.

Your favourite book

The Bible and David Gemmell Legend

Your favourite movie

Top 3: Braveheart, Last of the Mohicans and 13th Warrior

Who is your favorite sports player?

Troy Polamalu

Do you have any advice to fellow stone lifters or to new stone lifters?

Don't be afraid to ask questions from other lifters. I didn't have anyone to ask when I started. My lifting got better when I started meeting and talking to other lifters.