Harris Ashraff


Harris Ashraff



Date of birth

July 19th 1993

Place of birth and place of residence

Chennai and Chennai, India


Strength Coach, Engineer, Story Consultant, Physical Activity Consultant

Matrital status and children


For how long have you been training?

5 Years of consistent, but I have a long training history ever since my primary school.

How often do you train?

It depends. Min 2 times a week.

Can you tell us something about your training routine?

Odd Lifting, Stone Lifting, Strong Man Stuff, PL, OLY lift, Plyos, Grip Training

When did you first get into stonelifting?

1 year ago, August 2022

How did you get into stonelifting?

It started out as a fun

What achievement in stonelifting are you most proud of?

First Person from India to Lift the Dinnie Stones. #254 in the World.

The heaviest stone you lifted

Donald Dinnie Stones 333.2 Kgs

The heaviest stone you shoulderd

A Local Stone in Tirusulam Hills

What are your goals in stone lifting?

To lift the Ardivilich. Lift all the famous historical stones and compete in Basque.

What achievement in sport are you most proud of?

Probably the Dinnie Lift. But I have also won lot of Strongman meets and athletic meets.

What's the funniest thing ever happend to you?

I never thought I will travel across continents to lift stones.

What achievement in life are you most proud of?

It's a long list but I am #RANGE

Do you do other sports beside stonelifting?


Did you ever have any serious injuries? And if yes, how did/do you deal with them?

Yes. I managed to recover from decade of low back pain and sciatica.

Do you follow any specific diet?


What's your bodyweight?

It fluctuates between 95 to 105 kgs

What is your PR in deadlift?

210 ish. But honestly I don't know.

What is your PR in squat/frontsquat?

171.5 kg

What is your PR in the bench press?

120 kg

What is your PR in the OHP?

80 kg strict press
110 kg push press

What are your hobbies beside stonelifting?

Researching and collecting data, sketching

Your favourite book

So Good They Can't Ignore You, ANTIFRAGILE, RANGE

Your favourite movie

Dr. Strange, Rush, Stone Land, Full Sterkur, Levantadores, Ford Vs Ferrari, Virumandi, Inception, Avatar, X men First Class

Your favourite dish

Ghee Rice, Mandhi Rice

Your favourite quote

Become so good they can't ignore You.

Jeikurumo ilayo. Modhala Sanda Seiyanum.

Who is your favorite sports player?

M S Dhoni, Khabib Nurmangadov, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson

Who is your favorite strength athlet?

Martins Licis, Mitch Hooper, Pyrrus Dimas

Do you have any advice to fellow stone lifters or to new stone lifters?


If there is anything else you want to add?

If I can do it, you can also do it.