David Conell


David Conell


David or Dave

Date of birth

November 29th 1984

Place of birth and place of residence

Born in Oregon, live in Pennsylvania

Instagram account


Construction project management

Matrital status and children

Married with 2 kids

For how long have you been training?

4 years

How often do you train?

1-2 times weekly

Can you tell us something about your training routine?

Stones, sandbags and bodyweight exercises

When did you first get into stonelifting?

August 2019

How did you get into stonelifting?

A friend had me watch the Rogue documentaries and then we went into the mountains to find a stone of our own. After posting the video to my Instagram I was told about the Utah Stones of Strength. I lived in Utah at the time and went out to the little Cottonwood Stone. After the biggest fight of my life I managed to lap it. After that I was hooked and went and found lighter Stones to take home and train with.

What achievement in stonelifting are you most proud of?

I took 3rd place in the stone load, husselfel carry and hav lift events at Ohio's Strongest Celt while being the lightest by far athlete.

The heaviest stone you lifted

I pulled a 425 lbs stone in Ohio's strongest Celt. (Hav lift)

The heaviest stone you shoulderd

220 lbs

What are your goals in stone lifting?

Grow the stone lifting culture in Pennsylvania and provide world class stones.

What achievement in life are you most proud of?

My family

Do you do other sports beside stonelifting?


Did you ever have any serious injuries? And if yes, how did/do you deal with them?


Do you follow any specific diet?


What's your bodyweight?

165lbs (75kg)

What is your PR in deadlift?


What is your PR in squat/frontsquat?


What is your PR in the bench press?

I don't workout with conventional equipment

What is your PR in the OHP?


What are your hobbies beside stonelifting?


Your favourite book


Your favourite dish

Mississippi roast with mashed potatoes

Who is your favorite strength athlet?

I've been a fan of Mitch Hooper since long before he got his WSM invite

Do you support any football/sports team?


Do you have any advice to fellow stone lifters or to new stone lifters?

Take it slow, have fun and respect the stones.